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Your Business Online

Having your business online has never been more crucial than now.  Businesses can no longer depend upon in-person customers to keep their business thriving.  Your online presence can very well save your business.  How can Aponi Studios help?


Sell online with a Woocommerce store on a WordPress platform or a freestanding Shopify store, or a variety of other available eCommerce platforms.  You’ll provide your product images (up to 24 to start) and we’ll get your store up and running in about 2-3 weeks.  We’ll even include up to 4 hours of training so you can manage your store independently once launched, or you may continue to use Aponi Studios to keep your site updated and products current.


Your business website can be as simple as a description of what you offer, contact form and location to help customers find you both online and in person.  There are many way to draw customers to you via the internet and social media to keep your business busy and thriving.

Clubs, Associations, Magazine, Photography, Service Provider, Vacations, Realty, Automotive, Events, Agencies, Professional Services, Farm Store, Ag Store, Crafters Drop Shipping, Resell and let’s face it, this list could go on forever!

Small Business Start-Up

Launch your business with a start-up website that let’s the world know who you are and what you have to offer.  Three page website you can add to at any time.

3 Page Site


Business & Social

Launch your business with up to 6 pages including customizing 3 social media sites to coordinate with your business theme.  This package includes a unique logo design.

Up to 6 Pages


eCommerce & Social

Start selling with a Woocommerce or Shopify website!  Includes a unique logo design and up to 24 products.  This package includes training so you can manage your store independently.

Open a Store


Getting Started

Third party fees involved with any of these services are the responsibility of the client.

What's Not Included

Fee quotes are all estimates and will vary according to third party fee schedules


Yes.  You can also cut your own hair.  That never goes well either.  DIY business sites rarely work out.  Save yourself time, anguish and embarrassment and have it done professionally the first time.  We’re here for you to make sure your site is a success.

Your site will be 100% original and unique to your brand.  We will build your site based on your key branding, logo design, theme and color scheme without cookie cutter templates and stock designs.  It is our goal to make your home page stunning, and all sub-pages to follow the same theme for a professional, appropriately artistic, and genuinely individual design.

All Aponi designed websites include, at the client’s discretion, a home page, contact form and a blog.  Every site receives keyword targeting for SEO optimization.  Our $899 and $1599 packages include a unique logo design, if desired.

  • All packages include training, as needed.  If your $399 website includes a blog, we will walk you through your first post.  
  • For the $899 package, we offer 1 hour of training in social media and blogging, if needed.
  • If you are building a store, we offer 2 hours of training to help you manage your store independently, if desired.

All custom website designs are built to render properly on any device, whether it be a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Absolutely not.  Aponi Studios will always be available for consultation, perfoming updates, site management, SEO maintenance, site enhancements, etc.  We can be hired on an hourly or contracted monthly basis, as needed.

Yes!  Depending on your site needs, we may be able to offer a reasonable discount to have your already existing site given a fresh new look.  Let us have a look and discuss your needs and we can give you a quote.


Aponi Studios Creative Services serves clients nationwide. Let us help you brand your business, get you recognized and create new customers and clients!



“We are living in a time like no other, where online businesses are on the rise and growing in this unprecedented world climate. Has there ever been a better time to take the leap and chase your dreams? I don’t think so! Build that business, start that idea and get growing.”


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